Digital Out of Home Advertising in the Future

Thanks to the blessing of digital technology, digital outdoor advertising media has integrated into consumers’ lives compared to outdoor advertising. Life circle has huge advantages in improving brand image, interactivity, precise delivery and other aspects, and the progress and development of technology have also attracted more and more advertisers. (Outdoor Advertising WIKI)


Compared with traditional outdoor media, dooh advertising is more favored by advertisers, and it can also improve the efficiency of advertising and reduce the cost of advertising. Digital out of home advertising addresses the pain points of traditional outdoor advertising, such as difficulty in selecting spots before investment, difficulty in quantifying after investment, and high monitoring costs, and uses data and technology to complete the intelligent delivery of offline advertising. At the same time, dooh screens can provide advertisers with more refined targeted marketing based on crowd portraits, improving the efficiency of advertising delivery; dooh ads can also realize “one-click” intelligent publishing, and provide advertisers with fully transparent monitoring effect tracking. Advertisers can achieve accurate and effective delivery for thousands of people based on different users’ mental hobbies, building labels, and crowd portraits.

Interactive ADVERTISING OUT OF HOME detonates DIGITAL marketing potential

If the traditional outdoor advertising is more of a display, then the dooh display with the help of new technologies is more diverse and interesting, bringing consumers a more authentic and novel interactive experience. For example: outdoor LCD large screen, due to the empowerment of 5G, 8K, naked eye 3D, VR and other technologies, it will become the focus of the industry in 2023.

The development of digital ooh media can be seen from the increase in advertisers’ budgets and advertising ratios. More and more out-of-home media have been affirmed by advertisers in the process of digitization. After the catalysis of the epidemic and the empowerment of new infrastructure, digital out of home marketing has become a hot trend in the industry. In the future, the development of digitization will bring more possibilities for outdoor media. Dooh digital out of home is a rapidly growing area of the advertising industry that will only grow faster in the months and years ahead. The key to the growth is the rise of dynamic advertising, which is more vivid, engaging and responsive than traditional OOH, or even most OOH.