Which OS Do Hushida Products Support?

When it comes to digital display technology, compatibility is key. Hushida, a leading provider of digital signage and display solutions, understands this principle well. To maximize versatility and adaptability, Hushida products are designed to work with multiple operating systems (OS).

General OS Support Across Hushida's Product Line

Across most of its product line, Hushida offers support for three major operating systems: Android, Windows, and Linux. This broad support ensures that Hushida products can be easily integrated into a variety of digital ecosystems, giving users the flexibility to choose the system that best fits their needs.


Many of Hushida’s products support Android, a popular mobile operating system. Android’s extensive app ecosystem and user-friendly interface make it a great choice for digital signage and interactive display solutions.


As one of the most widely used operating systems in the world, Windows support allows Hushida products to be integrated into a myriad of environments — from offices and schools to retail outlets and hospitality venues.


Linux support opens up opportunities for advanced users who prefer an open-source OS. For businesses that rely on Linux servers or workstations, being able to use Hushida products without switching systems is a significant advantage.

Specific OS Support: Hushida Interactive Whiteboard

While most Hushida products are compatible with Android, Windows, and Linux, it’s important to note that the Hushida Interactive Whiteboard only supports Android and Windows systems.

The Hushida Interactive Whiteboard is a powerful tool for collaboration and communication, designed with classrooms and meeting rooms in mind. The support for Android and Windows ensures that users can leverage a wide range of apps and software to enhance their presentations and discussions.

While the lack of Linux support may be a limitation for some users, the widespread use and accessibility of Android and Windows means that the Interactive Whiteboard remains a versatile solution for most educational and corporate settings.

Note on Product-Specific OS Compatibility

It’s important to mention that not all Hushida products support multiple operating systems. Some may be designed with a specific OS in mind, according to the particular needs and use cases they address. Therefore, before placing an order, we strongly recommend reaching out to our sales team for a detailed consultation on the OS compatibility of the specific Hushida product you are interested in.

In conclusion, Hushida offers considerable flexibility when it comes to operating system compatibility. Whether you’re planning to use a Hushida product in an Android, Windows, or Linux environment, you can expect reliable performance and seamless integration. However, always confirm the specific OS compatibility of the product with our sales team to ensure it fits your needs perfectly.

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