Nano blackboard

75″/86″/98″ / 4K UHD / Dual system

Professional modular architecture design, seamless integration of each section and multimedia interaction (the seam between each blackboard module is less than 0.2mm), no hemming, no bulging, no writing disconnection, no writing failure, realizing a real classroom Overall interactive teaching

smart tools

The design of the sliding blackboard cleverly combines the functions of the blackboard and the electronic whiteboard, making it a more intelligent, flexible and practical teaching tool. The frame can be easily adjusted to zoom in and out, providing a more comfortable writing experience for users and better viewing for viewers.

structural design

Adopt LED backlight high-definition LCD screen, A standard panel, choose 60 inches or more (60-98 inches), high-definition 1080P/4K display, meet the various needs of the school, save power, anti-glare, long life, provide a better visual experience , and also has the effect of eye protection.

Efficient use of

With a retractable design, the writing space can be expanded or reduced as needed, making it very convenient for students and teachers to use. Additionally, the stand can be easily adjusted to different heights and angles, so you can find the perfect position to comfortably write or draw.

Convenient operation

Built-in design and push-pull track make it easy to switch boards. Not only can it be moved easily, but it is also very easy to clean. Designed with a unique shape, this modern white board is perfect for any classroom, office or meeting room.