DIGITAL NFT Picture Frame


NFT is a digital asset that is unique and cannot be replaced with another identical asset.

NFT Token Frame Retail Price For 1-5 Units(EXW)

lcd digital NFT frame

share your nfts on the screen

Display the NFTs beyond basic still images,extending your NFT showcasing capabilities to GIFs, animations and videos.

adaptive display of nft

HUSHIDA NFT picture frame adopts adaptive display technology,you can display different ratios of the nfts in the digital frame.
nft frame display
nft picture frame

connect wallet on the phone

Connect to WiFi, access to YBTOKEN and scan the QR code with your wallet, so as to combine with HUSHDIA digital frame.
meural nft

display with ybtoken app

Log in with your wallet, and choose the NFT you are ready to display, you can control the art fill/fit, the border color/width, the NFT contrast, the volumn and brightness, and the customizable slideshow, etc.

standard frame size

square frame size

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