the trend of using drive thru menu boards for your restaurant

Drive thru menu boards service is surging over the past few years, increasing the need for innovative solutions, practical infrastructure and optimized signage.

Drive-thru has been a QRS staple for decades, and that won’t be changing anytime soon. While the overall structure of these highly efficient establishments may still be familiar. There are many trends related to elements such as drive-thru menu boards and best practices that will surely influence future drive-thru restaurants.

Implementing a Digital Drive Thru Menu Board

The digital drive-thru menu board is a key feature of the modern drive-thru, although many QSRs still use alternative models. Digital menus offer enhanced flexibility and adaptability not possible with illuminated menu boards.

While LED menu boards serve their purpose and inform drive-thru customers of the options available, drive-thru menu boards give QSRs the ability to adapt on the fly, change their offerings as needed, and even push Additional ads are waiting to be ordered.

Digital menu boards are also being used to accommodate mobile ordering and drive-thru pickup options, making them efficient elements of modern (and future) drive-thru systems.

Many QSR drive-thru restaurants choose to use a combination of digital menu boards and printed menus, giving them the flexibility and clarity to adapt to the changing needs of their customers.

Benefits of a Digital Drive Thru Menu Board


Investing in a digitally driven drive thru menu board means you’ll never have to print new or custom menus. To maximize your ROI potential, choosing easy-to-use software and trustworthy hardware can make your drive thru menu boards effective, engaging and profitable.

WATCH the drive thru menu board DAY AND NIGHT

Designed to withstand the test of weather and time, drive-thru digital menu boards are built to last, and visibility is a top priority for developers and manufacturers.

The digital menu is designed for easy day or night viewing, making it an attractive option for any running QSR, rain or shine.

Make the drive thru menu board content FASCINATING

Digital drive-thru menu boards offer unique opportunities to display videos, gifs and other animations, making them more attractive and engaging than traditional options.

Utilizing the convenient placement of drive-thru menus to promote special sales, limited-time offers, or new products can increase sales and revenue, making digital menus a worthwhile investment.

EASY TO UPDATE the drive thru menu

Printed menus effectively present information that rarely changes, but digital menus allow QSRs to easily update and change as needed without any additional cost or resources.

With the digitally driven menu board, you can quickly and easily change your display

What we can do with drive thru menu board?


With digital menu boards, your QSRs can engage customers before they even interact with any staff. Customers will have the opportunity to identify themselves when ordering food, leading to increased usage of restaurant loyalty programs and a smoother overall interaction.

When it comes to mobile ordering, customers can also see digital check-in screens that allow them to more efficiently travel to the pickup window to pick up their order.

By increasing the chances of customers being identified through digital screens, QSR can make the drive-thru process more efficient and satisfying.

2.Enhance brand image with drive thru menu board

With digital drive-thru menus, you can enhance your brand image, attract new customers, drive repeat customers, and deliver an engaging and exciting drive-thru experience.

Customers are more easily swayed by digital signs because they are inherently attractive and inviting. By leveraging this technology, you can promote what your brand has to offer in a colorful and engaging way, demonstrating your brand’s commitment to modernity and customer experience.

3.Improve service speed with digital menu board

Employing some digital drive-thru menus allows QSR to adapt to customer needs and requirements more effectively than other signage. Digital technologies can facilitate many innovative systems and practices, such as:

-contactless payment method
-Proximity-Based Order Preparation
-“Smart kitchen” technology
-Ultra Personalized Recommendations
-Integrated digital contacts

By increasing the efficiency of drive-thru operations and creating automated touchpoints through digital menus, customers will experience more streamlined service, resulting in shorter wait times, fresher food and higher overall satisfaction.

4.Increase awareness of drive thru menu options

Even if you have a limited menu, customers can be overwhelmed when they arrive at the ordering counter and need to make a decision. Digital drive-thru menus can help reduce customer stress by pre-selling, cross-selling, and up-selling before customers have to order.

Integrating digital menus into your drive-thru can be a productive and profitable practice. With easy-to-update, engaging digital signage, you have the opportunity to:

-Highlight seasonal items
-Promote high-priced options
-Offer special offers and promotions
-Expressing the Benefits of a Loyalty Program
-Guide customers to make satisfactory choices