all in one industrial panel pc


HUSHIDA industrial panel pc can support Windows,Linux,Android operating systems,with excellent functionality and flexibility,and provide you with reliable commercial and industrial-grade solutions.

Multiple & rich Input Ports

HUSHIDA Panel PCs are built to support various industrial applications. The panel computer supports multi-display inputs and various IO ports for seamless data transfer, management, and visualization.
industrial panel pc

Ip65 Protection Against Water

This industrial touch screen panel PC is protected against outer dust and water splash with Front IP65 rated and ideal for use in harsh environments.
panel computer

designed for harsh environment

The all in one panel pc is designed to operate in extreme temperature environments, whether hot or cold, such as refrigerated warehouses.
all-in-one panel pc
HUSHIDA LCD industrial touch screen pc

10-point sensitive touch screen

This industrial touch panel PC comes standard with a resistive type touch screen. It is easy to use with your bare finger, a gloved hand, or a stylus.
touch panel pcs

industrial panel pc installation

The panel pc back shell is equipped with a standard VESA mounting hole for desktop or wall-mounted installation.The installation of these two methods is simple and easy to operate, allowing you to flexibly install in different scenarios.
LCD industrial all in one pc

multiple size of industrial panel pc

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