360Booth - Hushida


Next Generation Photo Booth Solution

Android 11 Integrated / Copyright@HUSHIDA

Sticker Effect

Choose Background - HUSHIDA 360-SCV

Choose Background/Sticker - HUSHIDA 360-SCV

Choose Filter - HUSHIDA 360-SCV

Choose Filter - HUSHIDA 360-SCV

Choose Beauty - HUSHIDA 360-SCV

Choose Beauty - HUSHIDA 360-SCV

Choose Music - HUSHIDA 360-SCV

Choose Music - HUSHIDA 360-SCV

Automaticlly Self Checkout

Choose Background - HUSHIDA 360-SCV

Scan the QR Code To Lauch HUSHIDA 360-SCV

Self-Checkout Alipay

Self-Checkout Wechat Pay

Scan the QR code to lauch the HUSHIDA 360-SCV, currently we support Alipay and Wechat pay on machine to do self checkout. If you need Paypal&Credit card payment need to do OEM&ODM. 

Payment tranfer done then machine lauched, and revenue into your bank account, full progress automation.

Boost Your Business

Old Version 360 Photo Booth

You have to stand next to the machine and charge people manually.

Can only support 1 visitor every 2 minutes.

Livestreaming AI Integration


Now, the checkout process has been automated, and your user only needs to scan the QR code to pay to activate the device, and it can be linked to her own social media account and shared instantly with one click.

Can support up to 5 visitors every 2 minutes.

Optional Attachments

Another large metal frame, suitable for parties

HUSHIDA 360-SCV Real Samples

HUSHIDA Female Models

HUSHIDA 360-SCV At China Atlar Theater