D5 Series

HUSHIDA IWB 2024 New Update

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D5 Price List For Retail (EXW Price For 1-5 Units)

Details Of D5 iwb

Magnetic Pen
HUSHIDA D5 Magnetic Pen
48 Mega Pixel Cam
HUSHIDA D5 48 Mega Pixel Camera
8 Array Mic
HUSHIDA D5 8 Array Mic Gap Speaker


Auto framing

Built-in ultra-high-definition, ultra-wide-angle, low-distortion 48-megapixel camera, the camera supports DFOV: 101°, HFOV: 93°, VFOV: 62° wide angle, supports automatic focus, automatic exposure, automatic white balance, automatic backlight compensation, and supports 3D reduction Noise, supports Auto-Framing (intelligent framing), supports Android native 4K photography & video

Touch Command

With the help of the latest technology and design concepts, automatic screen rest and wake-up functions can be achieved with just five finger movements. It has the ability to turn off and on the LCD backlight with one click without turning off the power of the entire machine, reducing power consumption by more than 80%.

Cinema Level Audio Output

Built-in cinema-grade audio, Support 2.1 channel stereo sound, with professional-grade sound quality. Intelligent sound control can effectively reduce sound distortion and achieve intelligent noise reduction. Allowing you to enjoy a real theater experience and achieve an immersive effect.

Higher Visual

The screen adopts A-standard UHD ultra-high-definition LCD screen with a display ratio of 16:9, screen image resolution of 3840*2160, 10-bit color, and 178° viewing angle. Make the polarized light and scattering screen display clearer, more transparent and with a wider viewing angle. The color gamut reaches 72% NTSC, which can display more realistic and vivid colors, giving you the most intuitive visual experience.

Virtual Assistant

Equipped with our virtual assistant, it is based on technologies such as speech recognition, natural language processing and machine learning. It can have natural and smooth conversations with users and help users achieve efficient meeting management and communication and collaboration.