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Hotels Use Digital Signage To Improve Their Profitability

How do you deliver a consistently great customer experience, attract 5-star reviews and keep customers coming back? How do you increase average customer spend and maximize profitability?
Digital signage is helping hospitality businesses around the world improve the quality and consistency of the guest experience and maximize profits.

Highlight products/services/promotions

If customers don’t know about your products, services and promotions, they won’t buy. Hotel digital signage offers more publicity space than static displays and can be used to communicate to customers about the product/service options available within your establishment in a convenient and persuasive manner. If used in the lobby, your customers will know all the options and promotions available to them before they even check in.

targeted message

Because digital signage is so flexible, you can choose which information your guests will see, when and where. By toning up or down the visibility of messages that appear in prime locations and at critical times, the uptake of food/beverage promotions, premium products or services can be increased. For example, show premium beers at the beginning of meal service and promote after-dinner drinks at the end of the meal, or show mid-week events/promotions during the busiest times to encourage more frequent visits.

improve the atmosphere

Impressive interiors are essential to creating an atmosphere that customers love and want to experience again, but regular refurbishments can be prohibitively expensive. High-quality video displayed on hotel digital signage can change the overall look and feel of a venue and keep reception areas fresh and attractive with each customer visit without the need for a major overhaul.

reduce queuing

Waiting in long lines to speak to hotel/restaurant staff to get into your pre-booked room or table is frustrating for customers. Digital signage allows patrons to self-register their arrival and check in/sit down at their table immediately, or get an approximate time frame to wait for their table/room. This gives them the opportunity to use the wait time more efficiently, for example with a drink at the bar.
Where queues are unavoidable, digital signage has been proven to provide distraction, thereby reducing perceived wait times and thus increasing customer satisfaction.

Digital ordering

In a busy restaurant or bar, trying to get the attention of waiting staff to place an order can take too long, disrupting the customer experience and reducing the amount of drink or food they might buy. Interactive digital menus are available to simplify the experience of ordering food and beverages. This is more convenient for customers and makes it easier for wait staff to manage orders quickly and efficiently, thus providing a better quality of service. It’s especially useful in large restaurants, where some tables are positioned inconspicuously and are difficult for waiters to see. 
Digitizing menus can also increase the likelihood of staff retention because orders are more likely to be processed accurately and quickly, thus reducing the likelihood of angry customers and increasing the likelihood of generous tips.

Eliminate language barriers

The hospitality industry often has customers whose first language is not English, but language barriers can make it difficult to provide them with the same optimal level of service. Interactive digital signage can be used to support customers by offering them options for menus, check-ins or local information in different languages, ensuring they have all the relevant information they may need.


The flexibility offered by digital signage allows hotels and restaurants to be more innovative because content production costs are relatively low. Ideas can be piloted in one location and, if successful, quickly scaled to an entire franchise/chain.

brand consistency

If customers have a bad experience at one hotel or restaurant, they are less likely to visit other establishments within the same chain. Subsequently, it is crucial that there are no weak links in the chain. Digital signage makes it easy to achieve brand consistency, ensuring that all customers see the same high-quality brand images and messages at every location.
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