media dooh-New outdoor advertising media

As traditional advertising media, such as print and television, continue to experience a decline in consumer share, advertisers have begun to look to other media to communicate with potential consumers. As a new means to improve the influence of marketing and publicity, digital signage is gradually becoming the new darling of wonderful communication in the information age. The critical point of digital out of home from quantitative change to qualitative change is that its value is beginning to be recognized by other digital media peers, and it will eventually be integrated into the entire digital advertising landscape. This will undoubtedly be a milestone event in the development history of dooh advertising.

more and more company is joining the dooh market

Some industry organizations are taking the lead in standardizing the measurement of DOOH, which is helpful to the industry, including the Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA), the Digital Place Advertising Association (DPAA), the U.S. Traffic Bureau (TAB), etc. They mainly focus on aligning the measurement and transaction methods of outdoor media with TV, print, Internet, mobile and other media, so as to increase the customer’s investment in this media.

In the past few years, some technology companies have also entered the field of DOOH. They contribute to the standardization of the industry, and provide customers with cross-media network advertising through a unified online platform, which is similar to Internet advertising & service function.

target the audience with dooh statistics

Although such a unified advertising service has not been fully accepted by advertisers and media owners, the industry’s learning and reference of big data is also increasing the value of digital outsourcing.

Online marketing channels that formulate consumer behavior targeted communication strategies based on online browsing records are popular. Similarly, dooh ads can now use audience offline behavior data to implement targeted communication functions.For DOOH, audience or behavior-oriented advertising buying and selling is still in its infancy, but growing rapidly.

Currently, there are three main types of behavioral data available to consumers: data about visiting a place, records of online behavior, and data about viewing TV shows, among others.

At the end of the day, all of this consumer behavior data can be linked to mobile devices, and mobile devices can tell us where users have been while they are outdoors.

Combining these audiences and their behavioral data with dooh platform, audience-based media buying can be achieved. This helps advertisers better understand the people their ads can reach, so as to achieve more precise user targeting.

The connection between DOOH and other digital media is a virtuous cycle that has only just begun. As the digital industry continues to evolve, so will dooh screens.

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