Smart digital technology drives dooh advertising

dooh advertising campaigns is becoming part of our life

In the digital age, outdoor media make full use of digital technology, network technology, etc. to diversify the content of communication. With the rapid development of the outdoor advertising industry, artificial intelligence, big data analysis, and programmatic strategies will continue to change the field of outdoor media, upgrade advertisers’ delivery plans, purchase models and communication methods, making outdoor advertising an indispensable part of marketing communication a part of. One of the important factors driving its development is that digital out of home advertising is closely related to people’s lives, and can be displayed and extended into every scene of people’s daily life according to local conditions.

dooh technology-the key to the future

If the change of the scene is the development context of outdoor advertising, giving it the direction of horizontal expansion; then the application penetration of technology is the key to the future development trend of digital ooh advertising, giving it the breakthrough and innovation of vertical upgrading. For this reason, dooh companies should also accelerate the upgrading of advertising technology, so as to use technology as an important competitive barrier to attract more advertiser budgets in the future.

The combination of outdoor advertising and digitalization can realize:

Improve advertising efficiency

In the traditional way, the purchased media resources cannot be managed uniformly in the advertising campaign, but programmatic digital out of home can carry out resource planning and effect tracking across media and terminals through an integrated platform.

Improve advertising effectiveness

programmatic dooh advertising has been converted from the traditional purchase of media advertising space to the purchase of target groups, which makes the effect of advertising more controllable, reduces advertising waste, improves conversion rate, and expands coverage.

Shorten the optimization cycle

Programmatic dooh advertising has the characteristics of real-time bidding and real-time optimization, which makes the collection, analysis and optimization of advertising data easier and more efficient.

interactive dooh is improving the user experience

In recent years, DOOH has become more and more popular due to its innovative and rich functions. Programmatic digital ooh allows digital signage owners to provide more attractive content to consumers. It can be said that outdoor advertising media owners have benefited a lot from the digitalization process.

According to research data, net out-of-home revenue will increase to $812.7 million in 2021, up from $655.2 million in 2020. Nearly one-third of the top 100 outdoor advertisers in the United States have increased their investment in outdoor advertising. Well-known brands such as McDonald’s, Geico, Facebook, Apple, Netflix, Chevrolet, AT&T, and Coca-Cola are all “big money owners” of outdoor advertising.

It is not difficult to find that digital ooh advertising is sweeping the field of outdoor advertising. This ad type helps improve the user experience for consumers while providing a form of delivery for advertisers. Digital out of home advertising has a bright future and can come in many different types, such as dooh billboards, information screens in retail centers, and even rear-seat displays in taxis. Dooh billboards can display or play information in turn, while newsstands display advertisements, and can share important content such as weather and news in real time.

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