Conference audio-visual solutions
Powerful manufacturers provide you with professional conference audio-visual solutions

How to choose the best conference Audio Visual solution for you meeting room?

The below solutions considering audio&visual, mainly target common small, medium and large conference room scenarios, and provide corresponding hardware matching of tables, chairs, sound systems, lighting, projection, etc., which can well meet the needs of conference rooms of different scales.

Small conference room - Audio visual all IN ONE

suitable for 8-12 people:

Use 55″/65” LCD smart whiteboard. Anti-glare glass, 178 degree viewing angle, and integrate speaker/camera in one LCD screen, better solutions than projector + doodle whiteboard + speaker + Micphone + PC + conference room improvement/renovation.

55″/65” wall mounted Interactive whiteboard application in meeting room

Medium sized conference room - Bigger screen

camera for interactive whiteboard

1300 million pixels camera 

75″/86″ interactive whiteboard wall mounted / Standing support, FHD 2K/FHD 4K

suitable for 12-20 people

The interactive whiteboard size need to upgrated to 75/86″, 1300 million pixels camera, 8 meters voice collections, 4 screen slicing.

Large conference room - mAin Visual + random audio

suitable for more than 20 people

Interactive whiteboard size 98″/110″ available, bigger screen, 4K supported. Considering to deploy LCD video walls/Digital signages to cover the audience on the back.

video wall display

LCD video wall

digital signage for corporate

LCD digital signage

Bar/Party/Ultra big conference room - 4K visual+cinema audio

Many people

Then must LED video wall. We provide two kind of LED solutions: Movable LED video wall/LED video wall.

What’s the difference? 

led video wall

LED video wall

Hushida Interactive Movable LED Video Wall Ultra Big Size

Movable LED video wall