HUSHIDA Hologram Fan 3D

Product Description

Using the principle of human persistence of vision(POV)technology, the 3D holograpic visual enhancement effect, air suspension, and holographic three-dimension display effects are realized through high-speed rotating imaging of ultra-high desity LED strips.

New Product




Specification Sheet

Model V15 V20 V32 42W 50 X56 G65 G80 P80 80 Waterproof
Resolution 296*296 352*352 424*424 450*224 896*896 640*640 720*720 1280*1280 1280*1280 1280*1280
Product Size(cm) 15*15*3 18*18*3 32*32*3 43*43*11.5 47*47*5.5 56*56*5.5 65*65*5.5 77*77*5.5 77*77*5.5 77*77*5.5
Lamp Bead Amount 148 176 212 224 1608 640 720 1280 1280 1280
Input Voltage 12V 2A 12V 2A 12V 2A 12V 3A 24V 3A 24V 2A 24V 2A 24V 5A 24V 5A 24V 5A
Content Replacement TF card,App TF card TF card,App,PC,Cloud,4G
Brightness Low High Super High
Wired Control None Yes
Online Upgrade None Yes
Audio Connection None Yes
Group Display None None Yes
Human Machine Interaction None None None None None Yes None None
Real-Time Projection None None None None None Yes None None