C1 Smart Board Product Series

c1 - smart board Windows Only For Teaching

55″/65″/75″/86″ / WIN 10 / 1080P FHD

Bytello - Easy Manage Your Classroom & Education Program

HUSHIDA C1 With Education Software

Bytello Education System

DMS&CMS designed for your classroom
$ 30 Annually
  • Bytello
  • Bytello Pro
  • Bytello Class
  • Bytello DMS
  • Bytello OS
  • Bytello Share

Custom Your Smart Board Boost Up UI

Optical Bonding Technology

HUSHIDA C1 - Features

3 Screens Split
HUSHIDA C1 Smart board Split into 3 screens

The 3 Screens Split feature allows users to maximize screen utilization, making it easier to compare data, edit documents, process images, and so on, thereby enhancing productivity.

4K Screen Panel - 1080P FHD Resolution Output
HUSHIDA C1 Smart-Board 2K Resolution Visual Output

Default 1080P FHD for 3th OPS and Android OPS, Upgrade OPS above 4th to enjoy ultra high defination(UHD) 4K visual output.

Tempered Glass
HUSHIDA C1 Smart Board With Tempered Glass

A screen hardness of 7 on the Mohs scale, which means your screen can withstand most scratches from sharp objects and provide extremely high abrasion resistance

C1 Interfaces - Side
C1 Smart Flat Panel Interfaces
  • WIFI X 2
  • Mic X 1
  • Audio X 1
  • USB 3.0 X 4
  • HDMI In X 1
  • VGA X 1
  • USB 2.0 X 2
C1 Interfaces - Front
HUSHIDA C1 Interfaces Front
  • Touch 2.0 X 1
  • HDMI X 1
  • USB 3.0 X 1
  • USB 2.0 X 1
  • Type C X 1

20 points touch

  • Real-time interaction: Teachers can interact with students in real time through interactive tablets, conduct problem-solving demonstrations, model writing, etc., to improve classroom participation and learning effects.

Free Writing&Erasing

  • Immersive writing experience: Students and teachers can write by hand on the interactive tablet as if writing on paper, providing a more immersive learning and teaching experience.

C1 Application For Advertising

HUSHIDA C1 For Advertising Application

C1 Application For Touch Kiosk

C1 For Touch Kiosk

How to Install OPS Into Smart Board

How to Install OPS to Smart Board

multiple accessories for smart board

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