c1 - smart board for teaching

The smart board allows teachers to display videos and images, which can be used to enhance classroom instruction. Students can interact with the smart board using digital pens or touch gestures, making it an ideal platform for student presentations and group projects.

55″/65″/75″/86″ / win 10 / 2K FHD

smart board for teaching
smart board for classroom

multiple online tools for the class

HUSHIDA provides various sources in the smart board to enhance and support the lessons with video, articles, images, learning tools, and more. Students also have a rich resource for research and learning.

easy clean up the content

There is no chalk or markers or other writing utensils needed when you are using the interactive smart board. Data is modified using a specialized pen for highlighting, drawing, and writing.
interactive screen
digital smart board

20 points touch & smooth writing

Teachers are able to write with greater ease and efficiency, allowing them to focus more on the content of their writing, rather than struggling with the mechanics of the writing process itself.

Participate in distance learning

Students can learn and engage with their coursework remotely. Educators can easily deliver dynamic, multimedia content to their students from any location with an internet connection.
interactive whiteboard for classroom

multi size interactive screens









20 Point IR touch

20 Point IR touch

20 Point IR touch

20 Point IR touch





interactive digital board

smart board usb connection

The USB connection on the Smart Board allows users to connect their laptops or computers to the board and share their screens with the rest of the class.
smart whiteboard
smart board price

multiple accessories for smart board

To help teachers make the most of these interactive whiteboards, a variety of accessories are available that can enhance both their functionality and convenience.

mobile stands for your smart board

It can provide you with the ultimate flexibility in using your smart board as it allows you to easily maneuver it around the space, adjust its height, angle, and position.
smart whiteboard for class

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