Interactive Whiteboard-D1

55“/65"/75"/86 Uhd 4K / Dual System / Windows & Android

Participants can use the interactive whiteboard to write, draw, and make annotations on digital documents in real-time.
digital smart board

Wireless screen-sharing

HUSHIDA interactive smart board provide simple, smart and secure wireless screen-sharing solution for meeting rooms and classrooms. Attendees can share videos, links and files with each other with all modern laptops, tablets, phones…
smart interactive whiteboard

face to face distance meeting

Interactive board creates a new meeting experience nowadays and in the future,making meetings available to remote attendees who may not be able to physically attend a meeting.
interactive board

multi size interactive screen

smart whiteboard

smart board usb connection

The USB connection on the Smart Board allows teachers to connect their laptops or computers to the board and share their screens with the rest of the class. It it easier for teachers to share notes, presentations and other materials with their students.

mobile stands for smart board

A mobile stand can provide you with the ultimate flexibility in using your smart board as it allows you to easily maneuver it around the space, adjust its height, angle, and position.
digital smart board

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