HUSHIDA Strip LCD Bar Screen Display For Store Shelf

Add sleek strip LCD screens to captivate customers. These thin bar displays maximize your digital signage real estate. Great for retail, hospitality, more.

STRIP LCD BAR SCREEN DISPLAY A low power consumption, high contrast, and a wider viewing angle thin & lightweight lcd digital screen for your advertisement. Specification Send Your Inquiry customization From hardware to software, we support any customization requirements including multiple screen size and customized user interface. narrow bezel & lightweight The lcd bar screen […]

HUSHIDA Narrow Edge Full Screen Digital Signage – Multi-Screen Sharing

Ultra edge full screen digital signage, 75"/85"/98" available, business solution for movable video wall, flexible advertising diasplay lcd

NARROW EDGE FULL SCREEN DIGITAL SIGNAGE 75” signage 85” signage 98” signage With full screen digital signage, businesses and organizations can effectively communicate your brand messaging, highlight promotions and products, and provide information to your audience in a visually impactful way that captures attention. Specification Send Your Inquiry Full HD Picture Quality HD picture quality […]

EV Charger Outdoor Advertising Machine Electric Vehicle Parking Lot

Hushida's electric vehicle charging stations feature 32"-65" LCD advertising displays. Get IP65 rating, emergency protection, and effective heat dissipation. Perfect for parking lots and public spaces. Order your customizable EV charging advertising machine.

charging pile outdoor advertising machine It is designed according to the market’s increasing demand for electric vehicles, it can charge your vertical, and also provides a perfect advertising place for different consumers. Send Inquiry IP65 rating protection Guarantees a high level of protection against dust and water. It ensures the advertising machine is highly durable […]

HUSHIDA Portable Rechargeble Battery-Powered Digital Signage

lcd Digital A board. IP65. Portable, rechargeble, battery powered, water proof, digital signage, used for outdoor activities. 32''/43‘’/55‘’.

rechargeable battery-powered portable digital signage 32″/43″/55″(Need pre ordered) Specification Send Inquiry high brightness ips panel Fitted with a commercial grade panel, with a lifespan of 70,000 hours, the 1500 nits high brightness display is designed for constant 24/7 use. second generation new design -Ultra-thin and solid case. -Easy grip handle & integrated castors for convenient […]

High Brightness Digital Window Display

lcd Hushida's high brightness digital window displays are perfect for storefronts and 24/7 operation. Available in 32", 43", 49", 55" sizes with 2500-3500 nits brightness. Features automatic dimming at night. Order now direct from our factory.

high brightness window digital display 32″/43″/49″/55″ window digital displays provide a compelling marketing solution for any business looking to modernize its storefront and attract more customers. Automatic adjustment of brightness This feature adjusts the brightness during the night time which is helpful to those with light sensitivity. The brightness sensors automatically adjust brightness during the […]

Digital A Board

The Hushida portable electric A-board provides vivid ad display in a lightweight, battery-powered design. Perfect for indoor & outdoor retail displays. Order this signage solution direct from our professional LCD factory. lcd

digital a board – 32″/43″ Grab customers’ attention and promote your messages in one of the most eye-catching ways using our freestanding digital signage solutions. FULL HD PICTURE quality Features FHD picture quality with dynamic crystal color for crystal clear,ensures the highest picture  quality for both standard and high definition content. easy content management Easily […]

HUSHIDA Digital Signage Solutions A1 Infrared Display

lcd Hushida A1 digital signage provides vivid 1080P displays from 10"-120"+ sizes. Get indoor, outdoor, transparent, portrait, landscape, and tabletop models. Features multi-touch, higher brightness, and 24/7 operation. Order durable signage directly from our professional LCD factory.

LCD DIGITAL SIGNAGE SOLUTIONS-A1 21.5” / 32″ /43″ /50″ /55″ /65″ /75″ / 85″ /98″ /110″ LCD Digital signage are increasingly being used by businesses as a way to communicate with customers and employees, as well as to promote products and services. Send Your Inquiry a1 Digital Signage Retail Price For 1-5 Units(EXW) – Wall […]

HUSHIDA A1-Double Side Digital Signage

HUSHIDA-A1-Double-Side-Digital-Signage lcd

double-side digital standee The benefits of double-side digital signage are numerous, including enhanced communication and marketing efforts, increased visibility and brand recognition, and improved customer engagement. Send Your Inquiry FULL HD PICTURE quality Features UHD picture quality with dynamic crystal color for crystal clear, ensures the highest picture  quality for both standard and high definition […]

HUSHIDA A1-Full Screen Digital Signage

lcd Hushida's full screen digital signage provides a vivid 1080P display with minimized bezels. Get sizes 32"-120" and 2500-3500 nits brightness for sunlight readability. Show ads, menus, directories and more. Order this commercial-grade signage directly from our factory.

Full Screen Digital Totem 70″/75″/85″ The large size and high definition display of a full screen digital totem make it an ideal choice for showcasing videos, graphics, and other multimedia content. Send Your Inquiry Full Screen, HD Picture Quality With HD picture quality, customers can enjoy crystal-clear visuals that are more vivid, brighter and have […]

HUSHIDA Digital Out Of Home K1 DOOH Signage

lcd Hushida's electric vehicle charging stations feature 32"-65" LCD advertising displays. Get IP65 rating, emergency protection, and effective heat dissipation. Perfect for parking lots and public spaces. Order your customizable EV charging advertising machine.

Hushida Outdoor Digital Signage Out Of Home 21.5“/32″/43″/49″/55″/65″ System: Android 7.1 / 2G+16G DOOH has become increasingly popular in recent years due to the many benefits it offers, such as the ability to reach a wider audience, to deliver more dynamic and engaging content, and to capture more accurate data on customer behavior and preferences. […]

HUSHIDA A1-Digital Menu Board

lcd Hushida digital menu boards help restaurants boost sales and customer experience. Choose 21.5" to 86" LCD displays with full HD resolution. Show different menus or promotions on split screens. Get cloud-based content management and remote support. Order now from our professional signage factory.

digital menu board for fast food shop 21.5″/32″/43″/55″/65″/75″/86″ By investing in a digital menu board, you not only improve the customer experience, but you also streamline your business operations by eliminating the need for constant paper menu updates. Inquiry&WholeSale HUSHIDA A1-Menu Board For 1-5 Units(EXW) 1G+8G 21.5″ $111 32″ $154.29 43″ $217 49″ $296 55″ […]