Transparent LED Display Panel


Transparent LED Display Panel P3.91&P7.82 Does not change the appearance of the building, does not affect indoor lighting and sightlines Because the LED transparent screen is self-illuminating, it has very high brightness, can be clearly seen during the day, and has the characteristics of bright colors. Make your ad more effective 100 meters awaydazzling. Optical […]

HUSHIDA Irregular Curved LED Soft Screen Display Panel

Curved LED Soft Screen Panel

hushida irregular led Soft Screen display panel Multi-Enviroment adaptation Specific Soft Plate Deformation Mobile Advertising Screen Wonderful Everywhere product parameters LED Display Specification Table Product Name Module Pixel Pitch Module Size Pixel Pitch Physical Pixel Density LED Average Power Consumption Max Power Consumption Best Viewing Distance Best Viewing Angle Scanning Method Color Accuracy Product Dimension […]

HUSHIDA Rental LED Screen Display Panels

HUSHIDA Best Rental LED Screen Factory China

HUSHIDA Rental LED screen display panel ultra thin Raw materials using custom aluminum magnesium zinc alloy Not easy to deformation, corrosion resistance, heat faster extending the service life of the product Magnesium alloys are based on magnesium, and other elements are added to form alloys. Its characteristics are: low density, high specific strength, large specific […]

HUSHIDA Outdoor LED Display Panel


Outdoor LED Display Panel Dust Free & Waterproof & Leakage Protection The front and rear IP65 cabinets with protection level are specially made to guide the sink panel and cover the circuit module with glue to ensure worry-free. Stable power & saving energy & environment friendly LED application in Glasses-free 3D advertising Glasses-free 3D is […]

HUSHIDA Indoor LED Display Panel Small Pixel

The HUSHIDA Indoor LED Display Panel features a small pixel pitch for superb image clarity. Suitable for indoor digital signage, wayfinding and messaging in corporate offices, museums, retail stores and more. Its durable construction and efficient LEDs provide vibrant displays with a long lifespan. Ideal for clear visual communications where space is limited.

Hushida indoor led display panel small pixels With high resolution with exquisite small distance between the led display effect, but also a new generation of ultra hd led display technology being reflected. 4K UHD, smaller size, more pixels HD small pitch, LED full color screen Small spacing led display can be any size, any direction, […]