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Are you looking for a cloud based digital signage solutions to manage elevator advertising? Or a restaurant owner looking for digital menus board CMS[wiki] for restaurants? Then you definitely don’t want to miss this article. Hushida provides complete software & hardware customization solutions for your business.

First of all, We need to know about:What is cloud based digital signage?

What is cloud based digital signage?

What is cloud-based digital signage software?(If you want to know more about the defination please check this link) How does it differ from alternatives? If you have the same question and looking for the best cloud digital signage system then I will tell you that you’re not alone.

In a survey of more than 1,000 participants conducted by Wakefield Research for Citrix, only 16% could correctly define “cloud.” 29% defined it incorrectly using weather-related terms. 51% thought stormy weather disturbed clouds (it didn’t). Of the 54% of respondents who said they don’t use the cloud, 95% actually do.

A “cloud” or cloud based computing consists of a network of servers that host data and provide services. Taking an example: using the cloud to backing up your iPhone to iCloud. The cloud’s service delivery capabilities typically consist of subscription-based software accessible online, also known as software as a service (SaaS).

Most of the digital signage solutions include cloud-based digital signage software for content management. Before purchasing a cloud-based solution, you may interested about some features below, which also provide by Hushida:

Romote control media publish

If you are running an offline outdoor company and want to advertise in public places, in order to achieve your intended advertising effect, your equipment will be scattered in different places, which leads to problems. Imagine if you wanted to manage all of your devices and regularly update your creatives, you’d need to send out people on a regular basis to manually set up devices scattered across every location. However, when your device is connected to the Internet and supports remote control function, the situation is different. All devices in network, just remotely control all your offline devices in the cloud through your laptop in the office, saving your time and expenditure.

Smart advertisement cms system

If you have already connected to the offline advertising network and are ready to monetize by placing offline advertisements, then a digital signage CMS system with easy management will be your best choice. Advertisers place advertisements by choosing multiple attributes such as time periods, industries, and regions to achieve precise placement of advertising resources. Yunbiao cms a cloud based digital signage platform developed by Hushida, provides hosting, maintenance, and customized development services for the shared advertising system platform, so that advertisers can improve their placement effects At the network, it also allows media companies to use their own resources to obtain higher digital signage advertising revenue.

digital menu system
How to consider a digital signage system whether top or not, then the mobile control features must not be missed. When you are not in your office for some reason, if there is an emergency and you need to manage your campaigns, Yunbiao CMS provides mobile phone remote control. You can manage your advertising anytime, anywhere through your mobile device. Already have Yunbiao Account? Log in here>>>

digital signage - Multi-screen play

All Hushida’s digital signage series products provide screen splicing function, which can be freely selected according to your needs.

digital signage - Various splicing screen modes

Multi-split screen mode to meet your special needs, such as monitoring and operation panel.

Application Scenario & solutions

Some digital signage application scenarios are as follows:

digital signage for mall - cloud based control

smart campus - cloud baesd platform information publish

Cloud based digital signage in mall.Display different advertisements in real time.

Hushida A1 digital signage

Cloud based digital signage in campus.Different information publish to students among the campus.

Hushida A3 digital signage

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fastfood shop - Menu Board multi-screen cloud managed

Cloud based digital menu board in quickfood shop.Display Menu and orders order & food promotion.

bus station ad campaign

Cloud based digital signage in bus station for advertising.

Hushida A3 digital signage

hospital - information cloud based publish

Cloud based digital signage in hospital. Information display and way finding.

Hushida A1 digital signage

public places

Cloud based digital signage in everywhere.

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