Yunbiao DMS - Cloud based digital signage management system

What is YunBiao DMS?

It is a  cloud based digital signage management system developed by Hushida. 

The features of Yunbiao DMS as below:

system digital signage

Digital signage Dms

signage display

Interactive query

interactive whiteboard online

Face recognition

Cinema digital signage

cinema information uddate

About digital signage management system

Yunbiao DMS is a cloud based solutions provider dedicated to solving the four major problems of “monitoring, content, security, and data” for digital signage merchants. Yunbiao DMS provides information distribution services and remote hardware control services for digital signage through network cloud services , the platform provides various templates with different industry for customers’ choice(hotels, catering, government and enterprise, festivals, schools, etc.) The DMS analyze the traffic data of source and output the data chart. Yunbiao DMS takes stability, expandability, and practicability as the design ideas, adopts centralized control of cloud based services, and unified management of displays, terminal remote monitoring, software upgrades, program releases, and other services through mobile phones or PCs.

Who's the client of YunBiao DMS?

If your role as the same as the list below, then you probably be the client of Hushida YunBiao DMS:

Individual user who owns screens

Outdoor advertisements company

Hardware Manufacturer

Need Software customization

What devices do YunBiao DMS support?

Yunbiao media player

window display signage

Digital signage


Android device

Manage your advertisements displays on your Mobile/PC/Pad.

Feature Functions

Face recognition

Yunbiao DMS’s face recognition service uses digital signage as a carrier to capture the behavior of people in front of the screen through cameras, and performs identity recognition based on people’s facial feature information, and uses cameras or cameras to collect images or video streams containing faces, and Automatically detect and track human faces in the image, and then perform a series of correlations on the detected faces. The backend analyzes face recognition data, gender, age, eye attention and other statistics to provide data support for users’ later-stage accurate advertisement placement and crowd operation decision-making.
It can support simultaneous detection of up to thousands of faces, support plane 360-degree rotation face detection, and support left and right maximum 90-degree side face detection.

Application Scenarios

dooh network
digital menu display
Commercial chain

Other features

digital menu system
Display management

Manage the device in your marketing network.

Yunbiao Layout Template
Layout template

Various assets templates for your choice.


Yunbiao Content layout
Content template

Various design template for your choice.

digital smart whiteboard
remotre on/off

Remote control the device on/off, save the power and device maintain.

Yunbiao Visiual management
Visual management

Use the management panel to manage your marketing campaign.

Software real time update

Update your software in real time when the display is prepared.

lcd signage display
remotre monitor

Remote monitoring the store, security & advertisements 2 in 1.

hushida software customized
unified edit

Unified edit all assets in one platform.