Hushida Interactive Whiteboard Supports Interesting Operations

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Hushida interactive whiteboard supports interesting operations The Hushida smart board integrates a number of cutting-edge technologies and supports many interesting and practical operations, making it an ideal tool for meetings, teaching, and creative work. Here are some interesting operations supported by the Hushida smart board: Quick screen off The five-finger screen-off function only requires users […]

Join the 2024 European Cup Carnival with HUSHIDA LED Video Wall

2024 European Cup

Join the 2024 European Cup Carnival with HUSHIDA LED Video Wall The 2024 European Cup kicked off recently, which has brought the enthusiasm of football fans to an unprecedented high. As an advanced display device, HUSHIDA LED video wall brings unprecedented viewing experience to the fans. Through HUSHIDA LED video wall, you can participate in […]

How does The infrared Technology of Smart board Achieve touch?

How does the infrared technology of smart boards achieve touch? Smart board infrared technology realizes touch sensing by sensing infrared radiation from the human body. When a finger, pen or any object that can block light touches the display screen, it will block some light from penetrating. At this time, the infrared sensor on the […]

What DIY Operations Does HUSHIDA Smart board Support?

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What DIY operations does HUSHIDA smart board support? DIY advice If you are a DIY enthusiast and have your own unique insights into improving smart boards, and want to improve the HUSHIDA smart board yourself. We are very supportive of this, and we have collected some suggestions for you to DIY. We hope it will […]

Why the Retail industry Prefers Digital signage for Marketing

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Why the retail industry prefers digital signage for marketing Why Choose Digital Signage Digital signage, an affordable and powerful advertising tool, has become a powerful tool for mainstream businesses to attract consumers. In particular, we asked many retailers why they are more enthusiastic about using digital signage and came to the following points: 1. Fashionable […]

What Resolution Smart board Should you Choose?

What resolution smart board should you choose? screen resolution introduce: Resolution refers to the level of detail a monitor or image can display, usually expressed in terms of the number of pixels. A pixel is the smallest resolvable unit in a display or image, usually consisting of three sub-pixels: red, green, and blue. How to […]

How to Use Smart boards to Enhance Team Collaboration?

How to use smart boards to enhance team collaboration?

How to use smart boards to enhance team collaboration? As a team leader, you can use a smart board to enhance team collaboration. It can greatly improve meeting efficiency. Especially in team meetings, everyone can view the work progress of others and integrate data in real time. and ideas to achieve efficient meetings. In addition, […]

Comprehensive Introduction to HUSHIDA D5 Series Smart boards

Comprehensive introduction to HUSHIDA D5 series smart boards

Comprehensive introduction to HUSHIDA D5 smart board HUSHIDA, a leading provider of smart education solutions, is pleased to launch the D5 series of smart boards, a revolutionary addition to its product line. Designed to transform the classroom and enhance the learning experience, the D5 Series smart whiteboards feature a cutting-edge set of features and capabilities […]

How to use the HUSHIDA Smart board for The best virtual Meeting

How to use the HUSHIDA smart board for the best virtual meeting When you need to use the HUSHIDA smart board for virtual meetings, we have collected for you some of the most common and commonly used virtual meeting software on the market. For example, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype, and WebEx are all software with […]

Smart board Solutions for Educational Institutions

Smart board solutions for educational institutions Smart whiteboard are an indispensable teaching tool for educational institutions. Traditional blackboards and whiteboards have problems such as inconvenience for writing, easy erasure, and dust pollution. If you choose to use a smart whiteboard, you can solve these problems very well. Advantages compared to traditional whiteboards The use of […]

The most Commonly used Whiteboard Tools when using Smart boards

The most commonly used whiteboard tools when using smart boards The HUSHIDA smart board integrates a variety of functional teaching tools, including high-definition display, touch screen, voice recognition, etc. It supports access to a variety of teaching resources, creates a high-quality teaching environment, and improves students’ learning interest. Most commonly used whiteboard tools The use […]

MSG Sphere, A Giant Ball located in Las Vegas

MSG Sphere, a giant ball located in Las Vegas MSG Sphere is located in the block east of the Las Vegas Strip. It is the largest spherical building in the world. The diameter of the sphere is approximately 160 meters and the height is approximately 110 meters. It will be completed in 2023 and will […]

HUSHIDA Video wall Debuts in Times Square Paris France

HUSHIDA video wall debuts in Times Square Paris France As one of the busiest squares in the world, New York’s Times Square carries the pulse of the times and the intersection of dreams. In the heart of the city, the video wall of the HUSHIDA brand takes pride of place. It uses multiple HUSHIDA splicing […]

Introduction For HUSHIDA Bytello Integration 2024

Introduction For HUSHIDA - Bytello Integration 2024

Introduction For HUSHIDA Bytello Integration 2024 Are you looking for information publishing and classroom management software that can be used for teaching conference machines? The good news is: HUSHIDA’s teaching conference machine supports seamless integration with the third-party software Bytello. Read this article to learn more about Bytello. What is bytello? >>> Visit BYTELLO website

HUSHIDA Digital signage Showcases Genshin in Akihabara

HUSHIDA digital signage showcases Genshin in Akihabara Recently, HUSHIDA digital signage showcased the Genshin game published by miHoYo in Akihabara, Tokyo, Japan. Use multiple digital signage for playback to show the audience the game world and characters of Genshin with clear images and stunning effects. HUSHIDA digital signage not only attracts tourists with its intuitive […]

HUSHIDA Smart Board Application In Education Classroom

HUSHIDA Smart Board Education

HUSHIDA Smart Board Application In Education Industry Hushida smart boards have revolutionized the education industry, providing innovative solutions for interactive learning environments. With their advanced technology and user-friendly interfaces, Hushida smart boards offer educators and students a dynamic platform for collaboration and engagement. This article explores the impact of Hushida smart boards in education, highlighting […]

Introduction to Digital MUPI Advertising

Introduction to digital MUPI advertising Digital MUPI advertising is a new form of outdoor advertising that combines traditional MUPI advertising with digital technology to present advertising content in the form of electronic screens. Digital MUPI advertising has the following characteristics: The picture is more vivid: Digital MUPI advertising can play dynamic pictures such as videos […]

Excellent Smart board Use Cases

Excellent smart board use cases The conference whiteboard is a device widely used in modern meetings. It is an efficient communication tool that can be freely switched between shared screens and dual systems, allowing participants to express their views, thoughts and ideas in visual form, and interact and share with other participants. Case 1: Product […]

The best visual Solution for large events

The best visual solution for large events Vision for the future LED splicing screen technology can be said to be today’s most advanced large-screen display solution. Its excellent color performance and high resolution are widely used in many fields, driving the continuous progress of display technology. LED splicing screen technology was first well-known and should […]

What Tools can Be used for Efficient Meetings?

What tools can be used for efficient meetings? Increase efficiency with smart whiteboards In today’s modern work environment, effective meetings ensure increased productivity and the progression of effective collaboration. Smart whiteboard tools, also known as digital or interactive whiteboards, have the power to transform traditional meetings. By leveraging the power of smart boards, organizations can […]