Transparent LED Display Panel P3.91&P7.82


Does not change the appearance of the building, does not affect indoor lighting and sightlines

Because the LED transparent screen is self-illuminating, it has very high brightness, can be clearly seen during the day, and has the characteristics of bright colors. Make your ad more effective 100 meters away

Optical principle

Louver structure, the light is imaged to the left and right eyes through a certain angle.

Modular Design&Control method

modular design, PC/mobile device control, can be combined with a giant screen. Controled by PC, mobile device.

-free stitching

-Smart cloud control screen

-Does not affect lighting, 62% transparency

-Pitch viewing angle reaches 130 degrees

-Vibrant colors, high contrast, high refresh rate

Smart Cloud Control Screen

Looking down, looking Up, Perspective Angle

Bright Colors, High Contrast, High Refresh Rate

Parameter P3.91 P7.82
Module Resolution 256x64 dots 256x64 dots
Pixel Pitch (mm) 3.91 7.82
Resolution High Low
Number of Lamps 1921 2121
Production Cost High Low
Module Size (mm) 500x125 500x125
Pixel Density 32768 32768
Average Power Consumption (w/sqm) 180 180
Max Power Consumption (w/sqm) 400 400
Best Viewing Distance (m) 3-50 3-50