HUSHIDA led video wall

LED Interactive Movable Video Wall


The latest led video wall interactive digital screen in 2023. With rich interfaces, complete functions and multiple configurations.

25mm Ultra-thin Thickness Design

The 25mm ultra-thin thickness design ensures that customers can enjoy the benefits of a functional and practical product while still adding style and class to the conference.
led video wall
video wall display

4K High Definition Picture Display

Whether you’re watching a movie, playing a video game or working on a design project, a 4K display provides crisp and vivid visuals that will elevate your work or leisure time to the next level.

Create A High-Efficiency Meeting

-Built-in video conferencing software.

-Support external meeting device such as microphone and camera.

-By using this led video wall,  organizations can create a high-efficiency meeting culture, ensuring that meetings are meaningful and have a positive impact on the company and its employees.

led video wall
video wall display

Screen-share & Synchronous Control

With screen-sharing, you can easily share your mobile phone/pad/computer screen with others, allowing them to see what you are working on.

Whether you are working with a team of developers, collaborating on a design project, or teaching an online course, screen-share and synchronous control can help you communicate more effectively and get your work done more efficiently.

led video wall

Ultra-Wide Frequency Response Range

Built-in 2x20W full-range theater speakers,

82dB high sensitivity,

120Hz cabinet tuning,

20-20KHz ultra-wide frequency response range,

left and right channel stereo surround sound.

video wall

Fast Data Transfer With Network Cable

Use a network cable instead of an HDMI cable to transmit data, which is much faster and more stable.