How Do OPS(Open Puggable Specification) Integrate With Interactive Flat Panel?

OPS is the abbreviation of open pluggable specification and is widely used in advertising machines and teaching conference machines. As a detachable computer module, it is designed to facilitate maintenance and upgrades. HUSHIDA also have abundant open pluggable specifcation products manufacturing experience as a leading LCD manufacturer.

What are the classifications of OPS?

Currently, we have two models of OPS, European and Chinese, to choose from. The difference between the two OPS is the appearance size to suit two different plug-in specifications.

The size of the Chinese standard OPS is: 197*197*30mm

The size of European OPS is 180*119*30mm and 195*180*30/33/42mm

How to install OPS?

Luckily, we shot a video earlier to explain it, and it’s super simple and painless.

Which HUSHIDA product compatitive with OPS?

Some of HUSHIDA digital signage models and all interactive flat panels are compatible with OPS.

How does OPS work?

In fact, OPS is a computer module designed to facilitate repair and upgrade. Generally speaking, in the display module, there will be an additional computer module, but this module is only responsible for encoding and decoding video. Therefore, your computer system will be installed inside the pluggable ops.

Currently, the systems we can support including:

Android RK3399/3288/3568

Windows i3/i5/i7 3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10/11/12th Generation

Android&Windows dual system


Know more about product details check here.

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