Introduction For HUSHIDA Interactive Display Widgets

What is a Widgets? Widget is a quick tool app on the conference board, which provides convenient functions in various scenarios to help solve the demands of file transmission, voting, screen recording, timing, screen capture, and photography in the conference.

How To Start The Widget

Open Widget

Click the sidebar, and the widget is in the sidebar menu

Quick Pass Widget

1.Click the “Quick Transfer” icon on the side bar to open the Quick Transfer widget

2.After scanning the code, you can choose to upload pictures, text and files on the mobile terminal

Click the Minimize button in the title bar of the fast transfer interface at the board end to minimize the fast transfer interface

3.Click the received file in the fast transfer at the big board end to display the toolbar, where you can open the file, insert the whiteboard (picture), save and delete the file

Screen recording widget

1.Click the “screen recording” icon on the side pull panel to open the screen recording gadget

2.Click the screen recording button to start screen recording

3.Screen recording adopts the mode of segment recording and merging after recording. After clicking the end screen recording button, the system will merge the segmented recorded video

Timer widget

1.Click the “Timer” icon on the side pull panel to open the timer widget

2.Click the “Start Counting” button to start the countdown according to the selected time

3.Select “Ring alert”, and there will be a ring alert before the countdown ends

4.Select “Timeout calculation”. When the countdown ends, the timing will start and the timeout time will be recorded

5.Click “Full screen display” to display the countdown screen in full screen

Voting widget

1.Click the “Voting” icon on the side pull panel to open the voting gadget

2.Click “Generate Voting Code” to immediately generate the voting QR code of the specified number of options, and vote for each option after the mobile phone scans the code

3.Click “Anonymous” to vote anonymously

4.Click to select “multiple choices” to allow voters to select multiple options

5.Click “Scan Code and Edit”, and the poll initiator can edit the questionnaire options on the mobile phone. After clicking to initiate the poll, other participants can scan the QR code on the big board to view the questionnaire:

6.The voting results can be displayed in bar chart and pie chart, and can be inserted into the whiteboard and scanned away. Or click the “Voting Details” button to view the voting options of each voter. Click “Vote Again” to restart voting

Screenshot Widget

1.Click the “screenshot” icon of the side pull panel to open the screenshot widget

2.You can press and hold 8 edit points to adjust the screen capture area, or click the full screen capture button to capture the entire screen

3.Click the Import Whiteboard button to import the screenshot into the whiteboard

4.Click the Save Local button to save the screenshot to the local board

Camera Widget

1.Click the “Camera” icon on the side pull panel to open the camera gadget

2.Click the camera button to call the board camera to take pictures. Click the setting button to adjust the camera countdown, toolbar button position, and call camera position

3.After selecting the countdown time, click the camera button to display the countdown time on the large screen. After the countdown time is over, use the big board camera to take pictures immediately

Touch Lock Widget

1.Click the “touch lock” icon on the side pull panel to open the touch lock gadget

2.Click the touch lock to switch the touch disabled state, as shown in the following pic:

3.Click the touch lock again to switch and unlock, and touch is disabled. Click the X sign in the upper right corner to exit the touch lock widget

Eye protection tools

1.Click the “eye protection” icon on the side pull panel to open the eye protection tool

2.The eye protection icon changes from “close eyes” to “eyes”, and the screen becomes slightly warm. Enter the eye protection mode. Click the “eye protection” icon on the side panel again to close the eye protection mode, and the image mode returns to the previous state

Screen lock widget

1.Click the “screen lock” icon of the side pull panel to open the screen lock tool

2.Enter the password setting interface

3.After setting the password, you need to enter the correct password every time you wake up the smart conference board


What is Spider?

Spider It is a device control system based on the Internet of Things platform that supports the access of multiple device terminals. It can remotely control and release information for the internal devices of enterprises, schools and other organizations, and manage the devices more uniformly and efficiently.

How to use Spider Control?

1.Use this ENTRANCE to Register and log in. After logging in, you can associate the smart conference board according to the following specific methods

2.Create new organizations or join existing organizations according to the situation

3.Associated with corresponding organization code

4.After completing the association, you can control the smart conference board

Spider control functions?

Main functions: view equipment status, obtain equipment information, and remotely control the equipment (refer to Spdier background specification after registration for details)


How to start a meeting?

1.Open the smart conference board

Make sure that the power supply is connected, the power switch at the place where the power cord connects to the conference board is turned on, and the indicator light of the power key lights up. Press the power key briefly to start the machine

Say goodbye to the traditional water-based pen and whiteboard, use the whiteboard app to write and edit the conference information freely.

Open the whiteboard method 

From the homepage of the conference tablet, click “whiteboard writing” to open the whiteboard

2.Wireless screen transmission supports the use of wireless screen transmitter and mobile phone screen transmission

How To use a screen mirror for wireless screen mirroring?-6

3.Use the welcome interface app to turn the big board into a welcome display screen.

Right slide the home page to enter the “Welcome interface”

Interface introduction: The following figure is the main interface of the WEB version welcome interface, including the following elements: background image, welcome copy, start display button, toolbar

Edit display content: click the text in the main interface to display the editing toolbar

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