DOOH advertisement is becoming more and more popular

Dooh advertisements coming? With the development of global digitalization, digital technology has brought great changes to the communication space of dooh advertisement, gradually transitioning from traditional static space to dynamic new media space.

dooh advertisement is more attractive

In 2020, the Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA) and the digital research company Nielsen jointly released the “2020 Nielsen Digital OOH Advertising Report”. 5 types of digital out-of-home media types for digital advertising, and detailed analysis of the advantages of each type of media. Data show that outdoor media empowered by digital technology can more arouse consumers’ desire to buy and help advertisers achieve better publicity effects.

In daily life, digital ooh advertising is becoming more and more popular in many public scenes, and the connection with the general audience is getting closer. Compared with traditional outdoor advertisements, dooh media solutions provide audiences with a sense of control and presence brought by interactive functions, and more vivid and interesting interactive experiences are more memorable to audiences. Analyzing the above data, it is not difficult to find that digital ooh media can obviously attract consumers’ attention and thus promote brand consumption.

Negroponte said in “Digital Survival” that digitalization will change the nature of mass communication, and it will enable us to grow better. For the traditional advertising agency industry, digital technology may become a threat. However, digital technology has also brought a new transformation opportunity to the traditional advertising industry.

First, it is multi-dimensional in design.

The improvement of the level of technology and the expansion of the compatibility of new media have provided room for improvement in the design dimension of dooh advertising. The design space of digital ooh advertising has gradually shifted from flat to multi-dimensional, and multi-dimensional expressions have become dooh ads. general trend of communication. How to perfectly embody interactive creativity in a multi-dimensional space is a question that outdoor advertisers need to constantly think about.

Second, give the advertising content a dynamic design.

Under the empowerment of digitalization, most advertisers hope to display rich and diverse visual forms with dynamic creative materials. At the same time, the expression of creativity should also avoid the stereotyped trend of high frequency, short duration, and less content. Faced with this The requirements of dynamic changes can achieve this goal, and the precise creativity suitable for different audience needs. With the introduction of digital technology, the design of dynamic dooh has changed from static to dynamic, and the spatial forms of expression are more abundant than before. The dynamic visual expression has created a new situation for advertising design. The whimsical and interesting dynamic pictures not only enhance the appeal of dynamic poster advertising, but also actively mobilize the senses of the audience to perceive and understand The brand forms a new sense of physical “presence” in the interaction across time and space. It can be seen that it is easy to attract strangers who do not know much about it and gradually become the main object of interaction, which promotes its expansion in a wider range, and the characteristics of pan-interaction become increasingly obvious.

Third, upgrade the media dooh advertisements from the interactive experience.

Interactive experience is the most intimate and direct way of communication in interactive dooh design, and it is the basic step to embody interactive creativity. Among them, touch-screen media is relatively popular in the current advertising market, and has good human-computer interaction performance, which greatly facilitates the operation and use of the audience, and is widely welcomed by the audience.

In the era of digital economy, the media value of pure information display is getting lower and lower. Under this challenge, if there is no technical breakthrough, display media will probably lose its original value.

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